To access the Reporting Portal, go to 

You will use the same login information that you use to access CXM to log into the Reporting Portal. This means that if you change your CXM password, it will update in the Reporting Portal as well. 

The Calls Per Patient report displays the average calls per patient per day based on the number of calls the client receives divided by the average daily census. Typically the number of calls per patient should be 0.8 or lower. The lower the number, the less after hours needs by the client's patients. (Which is an indicator that the RNCMs are doing a good job of managing the patients and making sure their needs are met during business hours. The patient does not need to call after hours). 

1. The access the Calls Per Patient report, click on the icon above Calls per Patient:

2. The data can be filtered out by year, quarter or month. Filter by using the dropdown and choose the correct time frame for the report. Click the Run Report button:

3. The report will display as a bar graph with the data listed below. The calls per patient will be found in the far right column as a decimal. The report can be downloaded as a CSV file or printed:

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