The Concept: 

  • The TouchPointCare system was designed to facilitate the concept of “management by exception”.
  • Alerts are the mechanism you use to identify the exceptions. Exceptions, or Alerts, can be defined as those responses to a question that fall outside of a tolerance or threshold that the user establishes, e.g. CHF patient weight fluctuation is very important, so  the question, “How much do you weigh today?” can have an Alert associated with a response that is above or below a specific tolerance that is set, say below 140 lbs. or above 146 lbs. Or, exceptions can be defined as one specific response among several, e.g. an Alert may be set for any response of “No” to the question, “Would you recommend our services to a friend or relative?”
  • Alerts can be set and edited for Core or Follow-up questions with response types of Yes/ No, Numeric, 1-10 Scale, Multiple choice and Text.
  • Every time a response triggers an Alert, the system generates an e-mail to the Provider detailing the date, time, Participant Alert ID #, the question and the response that triggered the Alert.
    • Email Example:

  • Also, all responses that trigger an Alert are displayed in red in all of the TouchPointCare reports.