• Alerts can be set and edited on the Available Questions or on questions in a series. 
  • They can be set on the Available Questions when the question is first created or any time thereafter.
  • They can be set on questions in a series when the series is created or any time thereafter.
  • When a question is set with an Alert on the Available Questions and then is added to a series, that question will retain the Alert values in the series.
    • Similarly, if an Alert is set on a question in a series, then that Alert will also be associated with that question on the Available Questions.

To set an Alert on a question on the Available Questions: 

  1. Click on the Questions Tab > All Questions

  2. Select a question under the "Available Questions" box

  3. Click on "Set/Edit Alerts" (bottom right)

  4. Select the response that will trigger an Alert.

    1. The "An alert message will be sent after          triggered response(s)" field lets you set how many times a participant can respond to a question with an "Out of threshold" response before an alert email is sent.

For questions that have a Response Type of Numeric or 1-10 scale:

  • You will be prompted to enter a "Decrease by" value where responses below that number will trigger an alert and an "Increase by" value where responses above that number will trigger an alert.

To Set/Edit Alerts for questions in a series:

  • Click on Questions > Assign Series Alerts by Question

  • The Assign Series Alerts by Question screen will appear.

  • Select a Series for which you want to set question alerts.

  • Then follow the same procedure above for setting the alerts.