To create a TouchPoint:

  1. Go to TouchPoints > Create TouchPoint

  2. Give TouchPoint a name

  3. Select from the list - a participant or group

  4. Select from the list - The Question Series for that participant or group

  5. Click "Create Touchpoint"

  6. The user will immediately be presented with a TouchPoint Rules screen to review the settings that were selected.

  7. The user may also set and edit rules and alerts using TP Rules, TP Exception Rules, Alerts by Participant, and Alerts & Assign to Groups tabs.

  • TP Rules - The user can elect to override the system level Contract Rules, established in the Company Profile, and define Contact Rules specific to the TouchPoint.

  • TP Exception Rules

  • Alerts by Participant - The user can elect to set participant specific alerts that will override previously set Global alerts.

  • Alerts & Assign to Groups - The user can elect to Set/Edit Global Question Alerts at this time. Any changes to existing Global Alerts will cause historic data, if any, to be lost.