1. On the menu, select Company > Edit Company Profile

  2. Select Provider Name and the “Details” section will appear
  3. The fields with the red (required) must be filled in. In the screen shot below, the required fields are:

    • Name – This is the number for the Provider Name. 
    • Admin – This is the Provider’s personal contact.
    • Admin Email – It is designed to notify the Company in the event that a scheduled outbound call resulted in either “Data”, “Uncooperative”, “Deceased”, “Patient in Hospital” or “Does Not Speak English”.
    • Phone – This is the Provider’s personal contact. 

    • Time Zone – Upon entering a Provider time zone, the system will automatically default all Provider Contacts and Participants to the Provider time zone. If a Provider Contact and/or Participant are located in a different time zone the system enables the user to adjust the time zone of each.

      • The system will automatically adjust the Call Schedule time based upon the Provider time zone, the Provider Contact/Call Agent time zone and the Participant time zone.

  4. Scroll down and click on the plus (+) sign next to the Settings header and that area will appear.

    • Alert Email Setting – Setting for Display Preferences in email.

    • URL – Custom URL setting.

    • Default Dashboard – Select your preferred Dashboard view upon entering the Communication Center.

    • Questions per Page – Allows the provider to specify how many questions they would like to appear at a time on the Call Agent screen for Outbound and Inbound calls, system default is one (1).

    • Maximum Call Attempts

    • Default Task – Select which task is to be performed.

    • Use Series Name for Subject Line on Alert Emails? – This is explained when you hover the curser over the blue question mark circle.

    • Show Custom Data on Alert Emails?

  5. Scroll down and click on the plus (+) sign next to the “Activations & Welcome Message” header and that area will appear.

    • Welcome Message – The Welcome message is a user defined script to be used by the Call Agent when making outbound calls or receiving inbound calls. This Welcome Message can be overridden at the individual TouchPoint level.

    • Internet Welcome Message

  6. Scroll down and click on the plus (+) sign next to the “Child Providers” header and that area will appear.