When the Agent begins to ask the Participant the questions, the Agent clicks on the response given by the Participant to record their answer. Where the question requires a numerical response or a text response, the Agent will type the response into the dialog box.

  • Editing Responses:
    • By clicking on the Back button on the question screen the Agent can edit the response to the previous question.

  • Interruptions to the call:
    • If a question session is interrupted by the Participant and the call is ended before all the questions have been asked and answered, the Agent can click on the Save & Return button to save the responses to the questions that were asked up to that point. The system will automatically mark the call as “Interrupted” and return it to the Agent default screen and mark it with a yellow triangle to indicate “Interrupted”. When the Agent reconnects with the Participant and selects “Call Answered” the system automatically restarts the Question Series at the first unanswered question in the Series.