An Activity is how you document patient, caregiver, and other interactions in CXM. Use the steps below to create a new Activity. 

  1. Click on Activities and select New Activity.
  2. Select the account the activity is for in the Client Name field.
  3. If the activity concerns a patient, search for the patient using one of the criteria in the Patient Details section. Start typing in the Patient NameDate of Birth, or MRN field and you will see possible results to select from. The more you type in the field, the more precise the results will be. 
  4. Record the caller's information in the Call Details field. You must enter a Caller Name and Notes, and select a Call Code. The Call Code is used to classify the reason for the call and is used in reporting. 
  5. In the Activity Action section, you'll select the Status of the call. The status identifies if a follow-up is needed for the call. Pending statuses indicate that more action is required to address the issue. Closed statuses indicate all necessary action has been taken on the call.  
  6. Click on Save.

Once you've saved the initial Activity, additional actions can be taken. 

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