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Setting your status

After logging in, you will be taken to the My Availability page.  This is where you select and update your availability status throughout your shift.  To select a state, simply tap the appropriate option.

Logged Off (GRAY) = Off shift. Do not call.

Available (GREEN) = On shift. Can receive calls

Not Available (RED) = On Shift. Do not call. 

Selecting an Assignment

If you are a Nurse, you will be required to select an Assignment after selecting your availability status. The list of assignments is specific to your office and have been entered by your administrators. All Assignments are in two categories: 

Triage: These assignments can receive routed calls from patients and caregivers. They have a green phone icon and typically include Triage in the label. If you are scheduled to answer calls directly from patients and caregivers on a shift, select a Triage assignment.

Visits: These assignments do not receive routed calls from patients and caregivers. They receive escalation and on-call type calls. They have no icon and typically do not have Triage in the label. If you are scheduled as an escalation, on-call, or any other role that would not receive calls directly from patients and caregivers, select a Visit assignment or another non-triage option.

Based on how your administrators have organized this list, you may see options similar to the examples here, but they could differ based on the needs of your organization. If you are not sure which assignments your should select, please verify with your clinical managers.

Handling inbound calls

Calls routed through the app will always come from the same number that is specific to your office. We recommend that you save this number as a contact in your phone so you know when you are receiving an app-routed call. 

To answer an incoming call, tap the green answer call icon on your phone.

After you answer the call, you will hear an automated prompt announcing the incoming call along with instructions to ACCEPT the call: To ACCEPT (answer) the call, press any digit OR REJECT the call by hanging up.

WARNING: If you do not accept the call within 30 seconds, it will route to the next available nurse (including calls that you are unable to answer). 

NOTE: If you do not answer a call or if you reject the call, your state will be updated to an automatic Unavailable state—either Failed to Answer or Inbound Rejected—and will remain in this state for up to 6 minutes before resetting to your previous Available state. You may manually update your state to Available before the end of the default duration.

Making outbound calls

You can make calls from within the app by tapping the Calls icon at the bottom of the screen. 

When coupled with our telephony services, the app will show your organization’s main office number in the recipient's caller ID instead of your personal phone number. It will also show your status as Unavailable - Outbound Contact while on the call.

To make a call, tap the blue keypad icon in the bottom right corner of the Recent Calls page to open the dial pad.  You can make a call in one of three ways.

  • Manually enter the number using the keypad and touch the blue phone icon to send the call.
  • Touch the contacts icon to open your contacts list and select a contact from your phone. The contact number will appear on the keypad screen and you can touch the blue phone icon to send the call.
  • Touch the Total Triage icon at the bottom of the keypad to speed dial our nursing team.

IMPORTANT: To mask your personal phone number, your phone will show that you are dialing the number (801) 742-5358. Dialing this masking number is a normal part of the process and does not mean you are dialing the wrong number.

IMPORTANT: iPhone users will have to confirm calling the masking number (801) 742-5358 number before it will dial out.  Tap Call to confirm and it will take you to your Phone page. Android users will not see this pop-up.

Recent calls

Blue arrows indicate inbound calls.

Green arrows indicate outbound calls.

Red Xs indicate missed, rejected, or abandoned calls.

Scheduling next status change

If you have an upcoming shift or a change to your current shift responsibilities (e.g., change of assignment) you can schedule the change, but only across the next 24 hours. 

  1. Tap the clock icon to open the Scheduled Status page.
  2. Enter the following:

TIME to make Shift/Assignment change

STATE needed at time of change

ASSIGNMENT needed at time of change

Once set, the scheduled update will display next to the state you selected, including the time the update will take place.  If that change will occur on the following day, it will also include that it will happen Tomorrow. You can edit the status change by tapping the clock icon.

Changing Accounts

If you have multiple roles within your organization (e.g., Nurse and Administrator) you may have more than one account to log into. You can easily switch between accounts. This pertains mostly to administrators who may need to log in as an on-call nurse (for example, to take triage calls).

  1. To change your account, tap the MENU icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the Change Account dropdown list and select the account you need to use for that shift. 
  3. Tap Done to complete the change.

IMPORTANT: You can be logged in to two different accounts at the same time, but you will need to update the availability state for each account separately. In other words, if you update one, it will not automatically update the other.

Logging off

When you are ready to log off at the end of your shift, tap the availability option for OFF SHIFT (identified with a gray square icon). 

You will be prompted to tap OK to confirm that you want to log off.  

The app will now be in sleep mode” until you are ready to log in on your next shift.

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