To access Insights, go to 

You will use the same login information that you use to access CXM to log into Insights. This means that if you change your CXM password, it will update in Insights as well. 

Your CXM user must have the Analytics toggle turned ON in order to log into Insights.

Once logged in, you will be on the landing page and can choose from the different reports by hovering over the category in the left side bar:

Click on "Contact Details"

Contact Detail Report: details all of the specifics of every call, both inbound and outbound, including the system, staff who took the call, time the call came in, menu duration, how long the call was in queue, talk time, transfer time, disposition, whether the call was billable and the contact ID.

   a. Click on Contact Detail Report, choose client name from the dropdown list under "Organization"

Filter the report if desired:

2.. Report Time Zone: The report will process the data in the user's time zone, to switch time zones, click on the drop down and choose the correct option.

3. System: The report can be filter by system, whether the call routes to the client's staff (which is UN for CXM routing) or TT for CareXM clinical nurses. 

4. Disposition:  The report can filter by disposition, which displays what happened with the call. 

5. Call Direction: Choose whether the call in an inbound or outbound call.

6.  Date Range:  The default date range chooses today minus 10 days.  To look up a specific date range, manually enter the date.

The other optional filters are whether the call was billable (calls under 25 seconds are not billable calls), the staff name who took the call and the call code.

Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to view the caller number, dialed number, Master ID and Contact ID.

To listen to the call, hover anywhere on the line for the call and click your mouse:

 A pop-up box will display, enter the phone number the call should be sent to. Do not enter a phone number with an extension. The call will be routed to the phone number entered and will ring from the phone number (801) 555-1212. Upon answering the call, the system will ask for the PIN. Enter the 4 digit PIN displayed:

The call recording will automatically being playing from the beginning and will include any queue time.  The call can also be downloaded.

The information displayed on the contact detail report can be downloaded or printed by using the "Download" option in the lower right corner of the screen:

Choose your file format:

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