Insights shares data collected from the telephony system and mobile application and statistics gathered from the Care XM clinical service. The dashboard displays the "Call Volume" report, "Average Speed of Answer (ASA)", "Top Call Codes" and "Average Handle Time" reports all on one screen.

To access Insights, go to 

You will use the same login information that you use to access CXM to log into Insights. This means that if you change your CXM password, it will update in Insights as well. 

Your CXM user must have the Analytics toggle turned ON in order to log into Insights. 

Once logged in, you will be on the landing page and can choose to view the dashboard in the left side bar:

Report Filters:

    • Report Time Zone - defaults to time zone of the organization selected.  Allows user to choose time zone to view data
    • Start Date & End Date - choose date range
    • Client Name - choose organization(s) to view in the dashboard.  Defaults to all, user will only see organizations they have access to
    • Source System -
      • User will only see Source Systems used by organizations they have access to
      • CareTriage - calls taken by CareXM Clinical team
      • CareAssist - calls taken by CareXM Non-Clinical team
      • CXM - calls taken by enterprise client users
      • CXM app - calls taken in the Legacy CXM App

The default start and end dates display the previous 10 days.  Change the dates to display a specific time period:

  • Call Volume - This tile shows the total count of inbound calls by day, including IVR Abandon and Queue Abandon calls:

  • ASA - This tile shows the average length of time in seconds it takes an agent to respond to an inbound call.  Total Queue Duration (seconds)/ Count of Inbound calls.  Includes Queue Abandon calls, but not IVR Abandon calls:

  • Top Call Codes - this tile shows the total count of Activities for each Call Code and Category in the selected time frame.  Hover over the category names there is a small +/- button that allows the user to expand or collapse the categories to show just the Category list or expand to see the count of individual call codes.  The list is ranked by the category and then call code with the highest number of Activities.

Expanded category using the +/- button in each category:

  • Average Handle Time (AHT) - This tile shows the billable Average Handle time in decimal minutes.  Average Handle time is the average time it takes for a nurse or agent to handle an answered call.  AHT = (Talk Time + Call Wrap-Up time) / Number of Calls Handled

  • Day/week/month button on other tiles - Call Volume, ASA and AHT tiles have a +/- button on the bottom left corner that appears when the user hovers over the x or y axis of the visualization.  When clicked, these buttons allow the user to change the visualization to show totals from day to week, week to month, month to quarter.  Adjustments to this will stay within the time period the user has selected.

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